UCT to honour Janette Deacon

The ASAPA Council congratulates Janette Deacon on this prestigious award. It has been an honour reading your work over the years and you have been the inspiration for many of our members and other budding archaeologists.

Messages from the membership:

John Parkington
Dear All,
I would like to add to Tim’s comment that Janette is unlike any other South African archaeologist in the breadth of her selfless and positive contributions to our field. Her work for the former National Monuments Council and its transformation into SAHRA, her devotion to the SAAB, her work through the Getty Conservation Institute, her leadership of eCRAG and her two professional careers as stone age archaeologist and Bleek and Lloyd scholar are unparalleled.

Peter Mitchell
John is absolutely right, as is Council. And I would add for the record that her encouragement of so many younger archaeologists has also always been of enormous importance to the subject and to those of us who have benefited from it.

Ms. Celeste Rossouw:
Staff of Amafa/Heritage/Erfenis KwaZulu-Natal congratulates Dr Deacon on her honorary doctorate,

Dr Deacon contributed to the training of three people working at Amafa, the Provincial Heritage Resources Agency of KwaZulu-Natal from 2006 up to present.

Under her guidance and as part of the Getty Conservation Institute’s South African Rock Art Initiative we received training as rock art guides in Mapungubwe in 2006; in the completion of management plans at Clanwilliam in the same year; in the development and planning of a rock art museum as well as brochures, posters and a web-site that linked with this in 2007 at Mapungubwe; and lastly, in direct intervention strategies (for instance insertion of a drip-line to prevent mineral accretion over rock art and the removal of graffiti) to ensure the long term conservation of rock art sites and their context in 2009.

She has made an immense contribution towards the education and training of staff of both heritage resources agencies as well as employees of San Parks and Ezemvelo KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife.


Ina Plug:
Congratulations to Janette Deacon for the well-deserved acknowledgement of her valuable contribution to archaeology in southern Africa. I am grateful for the encouragement she gave me when I as a 30 year old newcomer in archaeology I had to find my way into the science. Thank you Janette.
It is with sorrow to read that Mike Evers has passed away. I have fond memories of him. My sympathy to his colleagues and family.

Gilbert Pwiti:
A well deserved honour indeed for an outstanding contribution to the discipline and a major source of inspiration to many of us.

Gavin Whitelaw:
Also, for the record, Mike produced an outstanding PhD – The recognition of groups in the Iron Age of southern Africa (1988) – which ranged widely across the Iron Age, spatially and chronologically. Essential reading for Iron Age researchers.

Dear ASAPA Council and members

Thank you all very much indeed for your kind words and affirmation. It is wonderful to see how Archaeology has grown in stature as South Africa continues to present the world with new discoveries. I am only sad that Hilary could not be here to share the award with me as I could not have achieved as much without his vision and encouragement.

Thank you all very much indeed for all your congratulatory messages and support over the years. They are greatly appreciated and it is particularly gratifying to see how ASAPA has matured into an organisation we can all be proud of.

With warm regards to all