Postponement of the ASAPA conference

After careful deliberation the ASAPA Council and organizing committee of the 2021 ASAPA biennial meeting that was planned for June 2021 in Lesotho, decided to postpone the meeting until 2022.  The organizing committee for the 2021 meeting will have limited opportunity to get together and do fundraising, set up a website and arrange accommodation.  This would be the case at least until October/November 2020.  Moreover, SAfA rescheduled their meeting to mid-August 2021 and WAC theirs to 4-9 July 2021.  Many ASAPA members are members of WAC and SAfA as well, and will not be able to attend all three conferences due to the time and cost involved.  We shall communicate as soon as possible about the proposed date for the 2022 ASAPA conference.