Canteen Kopje Update

Dear ASAPA Members,

We would like to thank all those who responded to consider the best way forward for ASAPA regarding the Canteen Kopje court case. We apologise unreservedly for requesting such a hasty response.

Option 2 received 55% of the votes and Option 1 got 43%. At a special meeting of Council held on the 5th of April, it was agreed to adopt the resolution of Option 2: a letter of support and a signed affidavit to be part of the submissions to court. Council also agreed to a token financial contribution (within budget) towards this case as well as offer expertise and advice where possible.

Council is unresolved in fulfilling ASAPA’s commitment to protecting and conserving southern Africa’s heritage. We reiterate that ASAPA is not anti-development. We support development that follows due legal processes in terms of heritage legislation.

We again thank you for your participation and believe that online vote procedures worked effectively, albeit very rushed.

Warm regards,

ASAPA Council