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  • ASAPA Council Meeting, 25 January, Cape Town

      Finances: Financial statements for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 have been completed. The financial position of ASAPA is positive but a large sum still needs to be paid for the catering of the 2017 ASAPA conference.  There are also quite a number of membership fees outstanding. Members are reminded to pay their membership subscriptions before 31 […]

  • NEW POSITION: Three-year Contract Researcher in South African Palaeo-Anthropology/Stone Age Archaeology

    Responsibilities: Conceptualisation and publication of original research (3-4 articles a year are expected for this position) Raising external research funds and creating sustainable national and international research collaborations Management of the microscope laboratory and other laboratory-based research Lecturing and supervising undergraduate and post-graduate students Administration and public engagement where needed and appropriate Minimum Requirements: Bachelor […]

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  • What is archaeology?

    Balerno Main Shelter, photograph by B van Doornum, Natal Museum The word archaeology means “the study of ancient things” (The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Archaeology by T Darvill, 2002). Archaeology is the study of the people of the past: how they lived, where they lived, what they ate, and what their environment was like. Archaeologists use tools, […]