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ASAPA Media Statement

The current state of events in South Africa has brought a sombre ambience worldwide. The mentality and physical actions of some South Africans has sullied the character of our proud Rainbow Nation. The series of afrophobic and xenophobic attacks and the ongoing rate of femicide and gender based violence in South Africa has created divisions and adversity among us. The ASAPA council and its members do not tolerate these horrendous crimes nor recognise the justification. We plead with our fellow citizens to promptly stop these heinous acts and rather lend a helping hand to victims.

Unity is strength and division is weakness - Swahili Proverb.

We as the ASAPA council and community endorse peace, unity and equality with our fellow African sisters and brothers. We believe that a truly united front has the power to bring about long-lasting positive change. We sincerely hope that these gruesome attacks come to an end so that we can stand together as one cohesive community. During this difficult time, we ask for healing, forgiveness, safety and union among all Africans.
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